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Outlines – Hospitality Arena

A work of layered object theatre

A unique work format brings together in a nearly-personal encounter performers and spectators who share this hospitality experience. Ofri, Oz and Moran are three homeless hosts. They are temporary hosts around three permanent tables, drawing the boundaries of their home on top of the home that was there previously while erasing, ignoring and annexing it. As they search simultaneously for a home, out of the cracking outlines Arabic emerges – language of the other, the erased-disappeared. And as in the hospitality arena itself, the hosts are guests in that language who will never be its landlords. The simultaneity of this work creates three different spectating experiences and generates gaps of information among various groups in the audience. These gaps accompany the unceasing attempt by the performers to define their home in Israel’s complex, multi-layered reality.

Duration: 50 minutes

Creator, director and performer: Moran Aviv Dvir

Co-creators and performers: Ofri Omer, Oz Marinov

Design: Moran Aviv Dvir

Still photos: Ariel Doron, Hila Spector

A short version was presented as a final project at the School of Visual Theatre (2011)
The full-length work opened at Tmu-Na Festival, Tmu-Na Theatre, Tel Aviv, 2012

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