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A duration performance for blackened sheep

I retraced my steps, going back fifteen years to the Al-Atrash Bedouin tribe in the desert that lies between the towns of Beer Sheva and Arad. Every day for two weeks I went back to visit my friend Handa. This time I came alone.

So much has changed since then, and so little moved. These were days filled with movement and emptiness.

A small house in Arad was my home base for the probe – to find out whether we can still maintain a sincere and deep contact, beyond the barriers of language, culture and reality.

Created by Moran Aviv Dvir

Performed by Moran Aviv Dvir and Tamar Drozd

Design: Tamar Drozd and Moran Aviv Dvir

Still photos: Dov Ben Ari, Shiri Malka

The work was developed during an artist residency at the Arad Contemporary Art Center

The work was premiered at Tmuna Theater’s A-Genre Festival, Tel Aviv, 2018
Artistic director: Nitzan Cohen

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