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A Bird from the Books – A Wandering Show


Puppet and object theatre for the whole family and all fowls

Tziporah (“Birdie” in Hebrew) is an educator and a life-science teacher and regularly lives on the tree. Tziporah can speak tziporit (bird-language) and translates it into Hebrew with agility. Tziporah has a nest of treasures and a book full of birds and surprises.

If you attend, you too can receive a treasure and meet the funniest teacher in the world.

Come fly and wander with teacher Tziporah to the worlds of the birds, the rhymes and the imagination.

At the end of the show a workshop takes places, creating game booklets with birds that exchange heads and tails.

Suited for children from the age of four and on, and for the whole family

Duration of the show and workshop: 60 minutes

Directed, written, designed and performed by Moran Aviv Dvir

Writing partner: Tom Dvir

Book design: Bar Dvir

Artistic advisers: Ami Yoeli, Marit Ben Israel

Stage design: Adi Brodsley, Orlian Pik

Still photos: Dor Kedmi, Hila Spector

Premiered at the TrainTheatre, Jerusalem International Puppet Theatre Festival, 2014

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