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A multi-disciplinary artist of performance and visual theater, I am the artistic director and consultant in various frameworks.

I was born in Ramat Gan (1984). In the decade between 2009-2019, I lived, learned, and created in Jerusalem. Today I am living with my partner and our three boys in Delft, the Netherlands. 

I am a graduate of the School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem (2011), and I also hold a Bachelor’s degree (with honors) in art education from the David Yellin Teachers’ College (2012). I have also completed the “Greenhouse” program for artistic puppet theatre for children at the Train Theatre (2013).

Most of my works are site-specific, inspired by my whereabouts and created in response to them. In my works I repeatedly address the reality of living in the Middle East from the perspective of a woman and a mother, building a home-nest in this space. The encounter of the Hebrew and Arabic languages motivates me, and I make extensive use of “storytelling” and object theatre.

I am curious about the audience’s contact with the performance and the way it charges the work, and thus my works typically engage in an intimate experience in which the audience becomes an active partner.

In recent years, the worlds I have treaded simultaneously over time – art and culture alongside community, education and social initiative – have intermingled in several projects I initiated and developed with partners.

Such projects include: Katamona, Dissolving Boundaries, Night Library and others. Connecting worlds that nourish and enrich each other is a challenge that fascinates me both as an artist and as an active citizen.

During the last year, the entire world and within it, the world of art and culture was shaken by the covid-19 virus outbreak. During this time, I have developed a new genre of artistic production - an interactive, multisensory sound experience. A dissolving boundaries journey with the people of Jerusalem, that any person can join from his home around the world. For more information, you are welcome to visit the journey's website:

Today I accompany online artists and their creative processes. I am eager for a deeper awareness of arts and culture here in the Netherlands.

A conversion (in Hebrew) about my work and creations with Elad Yaron (September 2020). 

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