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Dissolving boundaries

Mekudeshet | the Jerusalem Season of Culture

The Dissolving Boundaries Journey is an interactive audio experience in which Jerusalem and its residents will weave an extra layer into your reality and position you as the central protagonist.  

The journey will begin in your home, continue outside in your immediate surroundings, pass through Jerusalem filled with boundaries and opportunities, and end back at home. 

In a brand new format, unlike any other podcast, it invites you to take an active role, to host Jerusalem through its residents, listen to voices and stories from afar, dissolve boundaries from your home,  take a new look at the concept of home, borders, identities, and your immediate surroundings. The journey that you're about to take purposely bypasses the city’s iconic symbols or monuments, and instead, focuses on the extraordinary people who reside in it. The people who live between its many physical and conceptual borders, the people who construct new bridges within it for themselves, their families, and sometimes the city as a whole 

After six years, during which we created more than 20 different journeys that traveled throughout the city with thousands of participants, we decided to create a Dissolving  Boundaries journey that anyone, wherever they are in the world, can join from their home without ever actually, visiting the city. 

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